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Legalize your nonprofit entity. Learn to apply for grants and improve your chances of receiving funding.

JEG Workshops

What We Do

In 2009, Juanita Grant - Edrington did an internship with a pastor of our local church. She helped him set up an outreach center at the church and worked with nonprofits to get their 501(c)3 paperwork filed. After helping many different agencies, she realized that nonprofit organizations often needed assistance with tax-exempt status and decided to provide it.

JEG Workshops help to develop government-compliant nonprofit entities by incorporating with state and filing with the IRS. We guide our clients through each step during the nonprofit process and make sure they are fully prepared.

We identify funding opportunities and successfully guide our clients through the complex grant application process.

We transform your passion into action.

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About Juanita Edrington - Grant

  • 20+ years of experience as a nonprofit founder

  • 10+ years of experience as Nonprofit Consultant

  • Helped 150+ Organizations

  • $4mil Awarded / Raised

  • 2 years as SAMSHA Grant Recipient

  • 1 Year Federal Grant Reviewer

  • 2 years of Capacity Building Training

Juanita Grant-Edrington knows what works. She understands what funders are looking for and how to communicate with them. These priceless lessons she learned as a nonprofit founder and consultant translates into proven systems and revenue opportunities for the client's she serves.  

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JEG Workshops 

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